Can I just say how much I love this moment?  Dean gives Kali the flirtatious smile, she  says no, he tries to start a line, she says no again… and he shrugs and walks away.  It’s possibly the only time in all of Supernatural that we ever see Dean Winchester being turned down by a woman (and hell, looking like that, it’s no surprise) but when he actually is turned down… he backs the hell off.  Right away.  

That, in my mind, is HUGE.  Sure, Dean sleeps with a lot of women, and no, he doesn’t know most of their names the next morning, but on the rare occasion when someone tells him no, he immediately accepts that and walks away.  That’s what sets him aside from all the other oversexed men I absolutely despise on modern television.  Way, way too often television shows portray tough, studly guys repeatedly pursuing women who turn them down until eventually the women give in.  And yet any woman who has ever been on the other side of that interaction knows how unbelievably obnoxious and even frightening it can be to be repeatedly pursued by a guy who clearly wants something and won’t take a hint.  

News flash, men: if you want to be classy then take a hint from Dean Winchester, stud muffin and all around good person, and when a lady says no, accept that she means no and don’t push the issue.  Don’t take it personally, don’t ask why. Just go.

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