"Its New York in August and while I might be an Avenger, its not like I have superpowers." (x)

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Coffee Shop AUs are Fundamentally Problematic

Coffee shop AUs almost always involve relationships built on uneven power dynamics, by simple virtue of being coffee shop AUs. 


Short version: having one person at work in a service profession and the other as a paying customer during most of their interactions means that the customer will always have power over the person working.

Long version:

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The history of film in one scene

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soundtrack: the heaviest of weights + oh, the winter we’ve had

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is there a word for that feeling you get after watching the end of a movie or show finale or reaching the end of a book or comic series or something? I don’t mean the happiness or anger or sadness or whatever that you get from /how/ it ended, and I don’t even mean the sadness you feel /because/ it ended, but like that empty void feeling you get. like you don’t want to watch/read anything else, do anything else, or even move. you kinda just stare blankly at the wall. like part of you got left behind in that fictional universe and there’s a disconnect in your brain now, something misfiring because that fucking thing just robbed a part of your soul and it didn’t give it back and so you’re just left sitting there like how do I function now

is there a word for that

The word is “transportation.”  It’s a psychological construct describing the state of being so moved by the experience of a narrative that the reader has strong mental images of the events, empathizes with the characters, loses oneself in a fictional world, and then takes a long time to get back to one’s original headspace.  

Basically, in neurocognitive terms the book literally took your mind on a journey and one of the most telling symptoms is that after the last page your mind will take a while to find its way back home, sometimes remaining partially stuck in that fictional world for hours or days afterward.  

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Stealth Suit Captain VS Winter Soldier 

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female characters should be like the heads of the dreaded hydra. if you take one away, seven more must come back in her place.

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Oh, jeesus i did not realize it was the SAME PLACE and now it hurts SO MUCH WORSE.


It’s where Steve asked Bucky to come with him. Steve’s sitting there in the bombed-out ruins thinking about that night, about Bucky’s easy smile and the way he’d said “that little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight, I’m following him,” wishing he could turn back time.

Bucky’s tour was up. Wounded in battle, he’d had a sure ticket home, but he stayed for Steve. Because Steve asked him. Because Steve asked him in that bar.

Steve is sitting there, in the same chair, Bucky’s chair next to him empty. He’s not just drinking to Bucky’s memory, he’s drinking with Bucky’s ghost.

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Peter Quill actually only had trouble holding the infinity stone because he’s half Terran.

A fully human Terran would have done much better.

I mean, Jane Foster had the aether inside of her in Thor 2, and that seemed pretty potent (and potentially could have been another infinity stone, besides).

In fact, considering all of the mutants and badassery and whatnot that abounds in the Marvel universe, and the heavy-hitters Terrans can produce with just a little genetic tweaking or gamma radiation, it’s possible that Asgard took to ‘safeguarding’ Midgard in the first place because Odin figured out that the natives are scary as balls.

Maybe during the war with the frost giants, certain humans started manifesting strange/special abilities to deal with the threat, and Asgard’s scientists/wizards/etc figured out that the poor puny Midgardians were like a sleeping monster, and the aggression of the frost giants was ‘waking them up’.

So Odin stepped in to stop them and to try and keep people from interfering with Midgard as much as possible, so the monster would stay sleeping.

Which is actually part of why he is so very pissed off at Loki for the events of Avengers, and at Thor for bringing Jane to Asgard - it’s a very, very tight secret that Midgard is a powder keg full of potential super-warriors, and Odin does not want that getting out, and he does not want them getting out. If Earth can stay as a nice, quiet, backwater planet with very little contact with the larger universe, that’s safer for everyone involved.

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A study in creating great characters, by Aaron Ehasz (head writer of Avatar the Last Airbender). A lot of animation lead characters are forced to fit the far right criteria, but think of the many classic characters that are better described by the left: Tony Soprano, Frank Underwood, Jamie Lannister, Walter White, etc.

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